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July 13, 2006 Legal measures for a wider protection of Patents, Trade Marks and Industrial Design

Measures for protection of Intellectual and Industrial Property have been extended and new rules of procedure have been set up in order to facilitate the application of several European Regulations in Spain, by means of the Act 19/2006 of June 5th, which is in force since June 7th (published in the Spanish Official Diary – BOE 134/2006, on 6th June 2006).
This Act introduces several changes in the Spanish Civil Proceedings Code, as well as in the Industrial Design Protection, Trade Marks and Intellectual Property Acts, which mainly consist of :
-         Extension of means to obtain information and assure the evidence needed to efficiently base and sustain legal claims for infringement (“diligencias previas” and “pruebas anticipadas”).
-         Extension of means to prevent new infringements (the list of possible preventive measures is increased).
-         New criteria for calculating amounts of indemnity are introduced (comprising damages, loss of expected profit, reasonable expenses for the investigation of the infringement and moral damages).

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